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Due to COVID-19, we are doing our puppet shows online.

Download our FREE water curriculum called “Defenders fo the Future Tackle Today’s Water Troubles!”

Although Ejected is fictional, it was built around real solutions to combat the climate crisis. The framework of the missions the characters embark on is based on solid scientific information. Book clubs will starting soon!

With COVID-19 virus jumping from non-human to human host, we are looking toward strengthening habitat and biodiversity so harmful viruses don’t escape and look for new hosts.

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Book clubs geared for students, young adults, parents and anyone else concerned about the climate crisis will start later this fall. We will use our very own founder’s new book, EJECTED–The Story that Solves the Climate Crisis, serve as a jumping off point for discussions. Print and ebook versions are available where ever you buy books. Book club schedule will be available on October 12th. Sign up here to get a free copy of the book.


Our Purpose

Our mission is to educate about challenges facing our food and water systems through a variety of programming to inspire action.

We provide educational programming about waterpollinators,  biodiversity, and climate change through stories. Stories are memorable, build familiarity, and allow the listener to enter the story where they are, making them more open to learning. Visual learners appreciate the mental pictures storytelling evokes. Auditory learners focus on the words and the storyteller’s voice. Kinesthetic learners remember the emotional connections and feelings from the story.