Hope, peace, joy, & love

from the Pape family

Home for the holidays

Home for every single holiday in 2020, actually.

 More than ever, we hope this greeting finds you safe and healthy, as well as hopeful, peaceful, and joyful, surrounded by loved ones. We feel extremely fortunate to be able to retreat to our home and continue our lives despite the pandemic. We recognize that this is an extraordinary privilege.

Speaking of which, we started the year out with a bang vacationing in Mexico with Dawn’s sister’s clan. There were 12 of us and it was basically a perfect trip. But not even a day after we returned home, the Minnesota shutdowns began, and we’ve never re-emerged from quarantine.

This year is teaching us a lot about gratitude. We are so grateful for our health, technology, jobs that can be done from home, and a comfortable space where we can all go to our separate corners to work/attend school. We’ve enjoyed slowing down in many ways and are so grateful that our parents/grandparents are doing well.

Kevin entered a new decade in 2020 and has had more time to exercise and cook. He is still at Target. Dawn tried her hand at writing an information-based novel about climate change. She is also exploring her Danish roots (25%) by embracing a “hygge” lifestyle, which loosely translates to cozy and contentedness that celebrates the small moments in life. After all, in the end, these little things turn out to be the big, important things in life. Mason and Max, ages 11 and 8, have been troopers about distance learning since the beginning of the school year and were full-fledged bookworms this summer. The highlight of the boys’ days is meeting online to play Minecraft with their friends.

We hope you enjoy our 2020 video trailer below.

Much love,

Kevin, Dawn, Mason, and Max Pape