About Us

Let's work together!


As our names indicates, we realize that everyone on Earth needs food and water, but we our pushing our Earth’s limited resources. Education on careful use of our shared resources is essential.

Solving Problems Together

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. We help people discover their talents so they can give back to the world.


Taking Action

Knowing what to do to lessen one’s environmental footprint isn’t enough. We aim to inspire other to take action.

Our Story

We provide education on many different issues that affect our food and water supplies and we currently have programming around climate, pollinators/native habitat, and water.

We are excited about developing community garden education because it adds soil education and connects all of the issues. Perhaps best of all, it makes hard to grasp concepts very tangible and concrete for people of any age and background.

Climate-We are currently collaborating with established climate education groups globally (Climate Reality), regionally (Climate Generation), and locally (Northeast Metro Climate Action) as well as developing a “Defenders of the Future Combat the Climate Crisis” curriculum that accompanies a memorable story geared toward upper elementary and middle school students.

Pollinators-We are continuing our native bee education programming with Ramsey County Soil and Water Division. We are also deeply involved with the Pollination Education collaboration with dozens of partners started by the U of M Bee Lab (Elaine Evans)

Water-Our water education currently revolves around implementing our “Water Heroes” curriculum. In 2019, we lead 4 water heroes camps at St. Paul Community Recreation centers and we are currently partnering with ComMUSICation, Capitol Region Watershed District, Washington Technology Magnet School and the Boys and Girls Club and a hip hop artist to help middle school students develop their voices to communicate about water issues that matter to them through music.

Dawn Pape

Dawn Pape

Executive Director

Our mission is to educate about challenges facing our food and water systems through a variety of programming and to inspire action. One of our main outreach programs we are developing is putting education into action at the Peace Community Garden, which serves an aging and increasingly diverse low-income community. While WANFAW is only in its second year, we are growing exponentially and we have an experienced and committed board, a mover and shaker as an executive director, and two seasonal workers with unique skills.

Dawn Pape brings 25 years of experience in environmental outreach and education to her role as Executive Director of We All Need Food and Water. From helping schools develop nature areas on school grounds, to working with 29 cities/townships in 4 counties in her role at Rice Creek Watershed District, to founding the Blue Thumb-Planting for Clean Water® program that brought over 70 partners together, educating thousands of children through pollinator puppet shows, and developing and implementing a “Water Heroes” curriculum, she has a history of success and leadership. Ms. Pape is passionate about meeting people where they are at and building on others’ strengths to move toward a more sustainable, equitable, and loving world.

Pape also brings experience in program creation and implementation, i.e. Water Heroes camps, Salt Smart campaign, Jr. Master Gardening, and ComMUSICation. She knows that collaboration is key and she naturally finds ways to unite around common goals and partnerships. She has a history of collaborating with partners across the metro on chloride education, pollinator education, climate education, and stormwater runoff education.

Dena DeGroat

Dena DeGroat


Dena is a Financial Advisor with Thrivent Financial and a former social worker. She is an active community volunteer and mother of two. 

Jill Henricksen

Jill Henricksen


Jill has been working with nonprofits in her professional life for over 20 years. In her spare time she love spending time with her husband and two boys.

Jan Dubats

Jan Dubats


A retired business owner, Jan has over 50 years of volunteer service under her belt with dozens of organizations. She drove Meals on Wheels for 50 years and recently received the service highest award Lions’ International.

Purpose & Mission

This nonprofit is organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes as well as to prevent of cruelty (i.e. hunger, starvation, thirst) as specified in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The purpose of this corporation is to:

  • conduct environmental education, informational activities, and to increase public awareness on issues related to protecting our planet’s food and drinking water supplies
  • educate about how agriculture, and the way we transport food from the fields to our plates, is simultaneously a cause, a victim, and a potential solution to climate change.
  • protect pollinators, especially as they are connected to crop pollination
  • protect and conserve water resources, especially drinking water sources
  • protect and foster soils that can also sequester carbon
  • combat and prevent climate change, degradation of surface waters (i.e. lakes and rivers), groundwater, habitat (i.e. native vegetation), and soils that sustain our food and water; and
  • promote growing food sustainably (i.e. reducing carbon footprint, chemical and water use while protecting soils, and teaching gardening skills)
  • increase access to healthy food and clean water for all people