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We focus on climate change solutions through community building and storytelling because a stable climate drives our food and water systems, all life on Earth, and every human endeavor.

Our fun and creative programs are reshaping unhelpful narratives into solution-based stories rooted in equity and kindness. We educate through stories because they connect with people’s hearts. Once hearts change, minds and actions follow. Our programs build community, connect crowds with solutions, and spread joy.


Join us in reshaping the future by booking or sponsoring a show today.


Green Light Puppets

Stories shape society. We playfully educate kids and their caregivers emphasizing the importance of “green light” actions that promote personal and planetary health. Children leave with access to our show scripts so they can continue telling the stories—and hopefully create stories of their own.

FuN Community EventS

From sleigh rides to sailing, our family-friendly intergenerational activities bring diverse people together to have fun and connect people to climate solutions. Besides the events being fun for all ages, FUN also stands for “Future Unfolds Now.” Language interpreters, ride assistance, and specialized equipment are provided upon request to ensure community access.

Sustainable Storytelling

Move over documentaries. We’re going mainstream and prime time with our mockumentary-style comedy sitcom  TV pilot called “BFF,” which stands for Beyond Fossil Fuels. The show is about a middle school climate club schooling adults to take action.  We believe that while these are definitely challenging times, this is also an extraordinary time to be on the planet and influence the direction of civilization!

Global cooling productions

We are partnering with Global Cooling Productions to create epic stories and conversations that unite people around the world through shared values. Both organizations believe the environmental movement’s greatest need is an environmentally savvy and empowered mainstream culture to save ourselves and our planet from the ecological tipping points we are currently facing.

THE GREAT NEWS about the climate crisis is that we have the solutions and we know what needs to be done. 


BE A LEADER. Join us in reimagining and recreating the world we want to live in.


The future hasn't happened. The time to create the future we want is now.

Climate change is already destabilizing our world. In Minnesota, we are seeing extreme heat, heavy downpours, and flooding that affect infrastructure, health, agriculture, forestry, transportation, air and water quality, and more. We are all in the greatest race against climate-warming emissions whether or not we signed up to be.

But the worst effects of climate change can still be avoided. We All Need Food and Water acknowledges that we are in the greatest race of all time AND that doing anything but running our fastest is chickening out! Now is the time to go the extra mile and give it our all, not sink into despair and apathy tuning out the climate crisis believing we’re doomed and it’s too late.

One story and event at a time, our programs are reshaping unhelpful, paralyzing narratives into solution-based stories and adventures rooted in equity and kindness.

“History has shown that when approximately 3.5 percent of the population participates in nonviolent protest, success becomes inevitable. No nonviolent protest has ever failed to achieve its aims once it reached that threshold of participation. In the UK, this would be 2.3 million people. In the United States, 11 million.”

– Christiana Figueres

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  • Green Light Puppets. Puppet shows focused on strengthening community and environmental stewardship.

  • FUN Events. Seasonal family-friendly, intergenerational fun activities that connect people to climate solutions at each event.

  • Sustainable Storytelling. We’re combining environmental education and TV screenwriting to help shift our narrative away from doom and helplessness to comedy and action to “rewrite our future.”

  • Global Cooling Productions. We are partnering with this company that shares our vision that environmental stewardship could be the most unifying issue of our time.

  • General Operation (use wherever needed)