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we all need food and water
so let's work together—and make it fun!
What we do

We joyfully bring people together to help create a better world through climate education & action



F.U.N (Future unfolds now) EVENTS

We host seasonal intergenerational,  energizing, FUN activities with a guilt-free educational component to kick off the event. These monthly events bring diverse people together to join in important climate education and conversations while doing family-friendly activities such as horse-drawn sleigh rides, skating, sailing, and more. All events are free of charge, and language interpreters, ride assistance, warm clothing, and specialized equipment are provided upon request to ensure community access. 

CReate our Future

This program combines environmental education and the arts to help shift our narrative away from doom and helplessness to comedy and intrigue to “re-write our future.” While these are definitely challenging times, this is also an extraordinary time to be on the planet and influence the direction of civilization. We are returning to what has always shaped society—stories. Stories are magical because they can shift a person’s perspective in a way that no other medium can. The future hasn’t happened. There’s still time to choose and create the future we want. 

Food Equity

We All Need Food and Water isn’t just the name of our organization, it is an overarching truth that unites all living beings. In today’s world, we need to come together to ensure our own survival as a species and equitable access to resources. Everyone needs and deserves healthy food and water.  Join us at the Peace Community Garden to tend your own plot or help others with theirs.

We All Need Food and Water has “giving garden” rows and we donate the produce to area food shelves. We are always in need of help in planting, weeding, and picking. Contact us if you’d like to help.



The climate crisis is the elephant in the room that no one wants to address. Yale Climate Communications confirms that 72% of  Americans realize climate change is happening but only 35% discuss climate change even occasionally. In line with renowned climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe, we recognize that solving problems starts with talking about them. Circles are laid-back climate discussion groups that jumpstart and help normalize these difficult-to-start conversations.


Out-of-school Care & Day-Camps

Water Heroes Camps are geared for 6 to 12 year-olds and can  be structured to fit your programming needs. We often work with before- and after school care programs and as well as summer day camps. Let us know what your needs are and we’ll tailor a camp just for your organization. 

Community Building in the Garden

Sign up to teach your own content in the Community Garden. We welcome community-building events, activities, and workshops in the garden. We can even help you with the registration process.

For Such a Time as This ... You Are Created

October F.U.N Event (Future Unfolds Now)

For Such a Time as This…You Are Created

Connection and Inspiration in Our Callings

Event Sessions:

  • Being the Nice Kid: Growing Our Impact on Today’s Youth
  • Esther Study: Heroes, Villians, and Vacation
  • HATitude: from Frazzled to Faith-filled, Front Row Life
  • Torah Yoga
  • The Future We Choose: Climate Impact and Action Now
  • Social Media and Technology Use: What We Can Do