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Hi, I'm Dawn.

I'm a Minnesotan mom, nonprofit founder, and fun-loving fan of the outdoors. We are at a wonderful time in history where humans hold the reins. We just need to figure out which way to steer—together. Please join me on the journey.
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About me and this blog…

From classroom teacher to public education and gardening then to writing books and doing puppet shows and now running a growing nonprofit, it’s already been a winding and fun journey.

But the sustainable world journey is just beginning. The blog posts ahead will have a common theme of creating a livable world for our kids. It is our moral responsibility to hand down a world with breathable air and drinkable water. But that’s not exactly humanity’s trajectory. Yet.

But like Figueres and Rivett-Carnac, I’m a stubborn optimist in regards to the climate change crisis. And I will keep working to solve this problem until I take my last breath. Will you join me? I promise it will be thrilling because the clock is ticking. Ensuring that humanity will survive puts the stakes high. There are plot twists, and bad guys and…this isn’t just a thriller, this is real life and we need a new narrative.

There’s no doubt, climate change poses HUGE problems that we need to solve. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and scary. It can be an adventure and an opportunity to tap into our creativity, solidarity, innovation, and many other abundant human attributes to be part of the most important time in history. We know that climate change is a crisis of will, not of knowledge. And that acting on climate change is a moral responsibility. We can choose to write a story of regeneration of both nature and the human spirit—but we have to make the choice. Together.


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The Power of Stories

Stories have a remarkable power to shape our perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors. They are a fundamental part of human culture, passed down through generations, and have played a crucial role in shaping societies. When it comes to addressing global challenges like...

Game On!

Climate Change? It’s not Game over. It’s Game On! Facts, fear, personal actions, and even policy only get us part of the way in curbing the climate crisis. Another important aspect is addressing our underlying cultural norms. The pervasive American cultural norms of...

10 Steps to Solving the Climate Crisis

Addressing the climate crisis requires a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach that encompasses various sectors and levels of society. While the steps to solving the climate crisis are complex and interconnected, here are some key elements that should be...

CHAPTER 8 OF EJECTED: Stop the Bleeding

Keith learned on his tour that being one of the Ejected gave him the ability to travel anywhere, but he was still figuring out the details of how to be visible or invisible and heard or muted. Keith decided he should practice since he clearly didn’t have the settings...


Ivy already knew quite a bit about environmental issues. Since her mom worked in the renewable energy industry, Ivy had grown up discussing carbon dioxide equivalents, alternating current, and gigawatts at the dinner table. She went to work researching sustainable...

CHAPTER 6 OF EJECTED: Surprise Visit

Chapter 6 Surprise Visit It had been a few hours now, and her dad still hadn’t picked her up from her mom’s house. Her mom had left for the weekend for a yoga retreat because it was Ivy’s weekend to be with her dad. Ivy stomped around the house because nothing was...


After their tours, the Ejected were all dropped—like bombs—in the same realm where they first met. They were haggard, hungry, and horrified. No one talked or could look each other in the eye. They all knew they were responsible for so many ills on Earth. Even if they...


Although Keith was floating above the Earth, his soul was painfully heavy. His head throbbed, and his stomach churned. He was hopeless and miserable. Guilty. Lost. Banished. He longed to be with his daughter, Ivy, who was, without question, the best part of his life....

Educating Through Stories