Ejected TV Pilot

How will you help re-write our future?

Since we have not successfully captured the world’s attention yet with productive and motivating climate narrative, it’s time to keep working at it.

By now there should be no doubt that the climate crisis is urgent and dire. So why aren’t we rising up and demanding action?


In part, because we’re telling ourselves the wrong stories about climate. That it’s not urgent or even real. That we have plenty of time. That it’s too expensive or too big to fix. That it’s already too late. And other fairy tales that invite complacency.


We need a new climate narrative. A narrative that will help us face reality, confront our fear and grief, imagine possible futures, and inspire us to action. We need Hollywood to help us rewrite the future.

Excerpt from https://www.nrdc.org/RewriteTheFuture

Dawn Pape wants to secure a stable future for her kids—and everyone else’s kids too! That’s why she wrote EJECTED—The Story that Solves the Climate Crisis. Award-winning Sherice Griffiths took Dawn’s information-based fiction novel a step further by piloting a TV series.


Think “Lost” or “Gilligan’s Island” but instead of trying to get off the island, the characters find themselves ejected into another realm because the planet cannot sustain them and they are desperately trying to get back to Earth to be with their loved ones.



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