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EJECTED: The Story That Solves the Climate Crisis

Average people responsible for excessive greenhouse gas emissions are ejected from the planet. In order to return to Earth, the “Ejected” must unite to decrease emission levels so the world can support them once again. Will they manage to implement the solutions in time to return to their loved ones?

The climate crisis is everyone’s crisis and we need to work together to solve it. Ejected is a cli-fi novel for teenagers and young adults designed to start conversations that can change our environmental trajectory. This entertaining story offers real climate solutions while also exploring other critical societal problems such as environmental racism. With the will and wisdom to do it, we can solve this crisis. We are all accountable for the damage being done, but we can also all help to fix it. Without immediate action, the world is headed toward a climate unfit for humans within our children’s lifetimes.

  • Ejected in not only a novel but also a guidebook designed to inspire discussion and action to combat climate change, perfect for individuals and classrooms.
  • Climate change is the most important issue today for parents, grandparents, and the children who will have to live in the world we are destroying. Today’s parents will do almost anything to help their children progress physically, intellectually and emotionally, yet they often turn a blind eye to the issue that will affect their children the most.


About the Author

Dawn Pape is an award-winning author and our very own Executive Director. She strives to raise awareness on pollinator, water and climate-related issues. Dawn has authored six other environmentally-related books and lives in Minnesota with her husband and their eight and eleven-year-old sons.

Our food system is both a cause and a victim of climate change.


Climate change is already adversely affecting agriculture, with effects unevenly distributed across the world. While the exact impacts aren’t known for certain, the probability that climate change will increase the risk of food insecurity for vulnerable people is great.


Since our global food systems are responsible for approximately one-third of global greenhouse gases, there are many opportunities on where we can start solving emission excesses.

Did you know that 60% of the Earth's mammals are livestock?