Solving the climate crisis is feasible, as far as technology and economics are concerned. All that is missing to implement climate solutions is progressive leadership and the collective will to do so. Although the stories in this blog are fictional, they were built around real solutions to combat the climate crisis. The framework of the missions the characters embark on is based on solid scientific information, primarily from En-ROADS (Energy Rapid Overview and Decision-Support) policy simulator, Project Drawdown, and many other reputable information sources.

The En-ROADS Climate Change Solutions Simulator uses the best available science and has been extensively calibrated. The simulation model was developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management, Climate Interactive (a nonprofit think tank), and Ventana Systems (a company specializing in complex modeling). Project Drawdown is a nonprofit organization that aims to help the world reach “drawdown”— the future point in time when levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases begin to decline. This organization emerged as a leading resource for information and insight about climate solutions after its book Drawdown achieved New York Times best-seller status in 2017.

The graphs on this page are from Climate Interactive (EnROADS Climate Change Solutions Simulator) showing an overview of what the average global temperature is predicted to be under three different scenarios: 

1. continue with the status quo resulting in an unlivable planet for humans within 80 years

2. implement a wide range of existing solutions explored in this book and barely maintain a livable planet for people

3. implement current technologies plus new technologies to remove carbon and to further limit temperature change 

I encourage to play with the climate policy simulator yourself. It’s very informative! I hope the following stories will bring these critical solutions into daily conversation while providing a sense of urgency, empowerment, and humor that will aid in uniting people to take global action. Without our solidarity, our trajectory is headed straight toward a climate unfit for humans within the foreseeable future. Why is there any hesitation in getting started?

Thank you, in advance, for reading. I look forward to coming together around issues that unite humanity and create a more just, loving, and sustainable world with you.

With love, peace, hope, and solidarity,

Dawn Pape

continue with the status quo resulting in an unlivable planet for humans within 80 years
EN-ROADS predicted temperature change with some solutions implemented
EN-ROADS predicted temperature increase by 2100 with major shifts: fossil fuels highly taxed