Learn About The Climate, Pollinators, Habitat & Water 



Talking about climate change is hard and perhaps even scary. But no problem can be solved without people talking about it. Despite climate experts agreeing that climate change is real, caused by humans, and poses a threat to our children’s ability to live out their natural lives to old age, there is currently shockingly little action—or even conversation.
Meanwhile, the mission of We All Need Food and Water’s (WANFAW) is to empower individuals to take action through equity-based environmental education. We are focusing on climate education because it is the driver of all life on this planet. All other issues humans face on this planet rely on having a livable climate.
Discussing problems is essential to solving enormous problems, This includes the rising global temperature caused by greenhouse gas emissions which threatens human survival. However, most Americans are not talking about climate change. According to the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, only 39% of adults nationwide discuss climate change at least occasionally. It is even less in the Twin Cities (MN) Metro Area, with only 37% occasionally talking about climate change. We All Need Food And Water recognizes that we will not solve climate change problems without initiating conversations now.
WANFAW’s climate educational programming seeks to jumpstart problem-solving by engaging in conversations with hundreds of people in fun, guilt-free, and family-friendly ways.
Our approach is to gain momentum by creating an energizing, joyful, guilt-free movement that people want to be a part of by continually expanding our partnerships. There is concern about the climate already, and people are looking for ways to act, not feel overwhelmed. So we need to keep engaging those people—like you! We all need to learn about the climate, pollinators, habitat and water.