Partner Support Services

In addition to implementing youth and general public environmental education, we also support our partners create public-friendly outreach materials, such as plans and reports, posts, blogs, and videos.

Support Services were formerly operated under “Lawn Chair Gardener” (sole proprietorship)


From Concept to Finished Product

We can help you put your thoughts into a beautifully designed finished product. From social media posts, blogs, articles, and columns to reports, management plans, press releases, and even books. 




Outreach and Education

With 25+ experience, licensed teacher, Dawn Pape has worked as an educator in a variety of settings: classroom teacher, a nonprofit educator, government outreach and education,  Jr. Master Gardening coach and more.   



Dawn has had the honor of being the keynote speaker for many conferences. Her presentations revolve around challenges facing our food and water systems. For younger audiences, the message remains the same, but the delivery is adapted to include songs, games, and a puppet show. Over the last five years pre-COVID, she averaged 25-30 talks/performances per year.

Creative Program Design

Blue Thumb-Planting for Clean Water®, Resource Teachers, Water Heroes camps, Salt are a few of the educational campaigns/programs we’ve started. What can we help you get started?

Impact Analysis

So how did our product do? Use community-based social marketing tools to evaluate and retool.

Let’s work together.