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Why we all need water

If we don’t take enough water, our body will stop working as it should. Water makes up more than half of our body weight, and without it, we won’t last more than a few days. Why? Our body has a number of important task to complete, many of which require water. For example, our blood which contains a lot of water transport oxygen to all our body cells. These cells will die if they don’t get enough oxygen. Besides being an important part of the fluids in our body, we also need water to digest food and get rid of waste.

Issues facing water that we are working on


Even though water is vital, it is widely overlooked. Take salt use for example. Do you know that just one teaspoon of salt pollutes five GALLONS of water? If you live in Minnesota, have you noticed how much salt is in front of storefronts and parking lots you visited lately?

For tips on how to solve this problem, visit saltsmart.info

Consumption: How much water do you use?

We all need water, not just at home, but also through the food, energy and products you use? This water calculator may give you some insight on how much water to consume.


Water Education

For quality water education, check out our Water Heroes Program (geared for ages 8+) and download our free curriculum. Our goal is to make this education accessible to all. Remember that we all need water!