Our Water Heroes are the Defenders of the Future

comMusication + Chadwick phillips + we all need food and water

Measuring Success

Throughout Time, Stories have always shaped culture and beliefs. "Green Light" messages resonate with people, so they are widely shared.

We know our solution works through the success we’ve had through our collaborations and partnerships. Specifically through the three schools listed below:

St. Paul Public Schools

Seward Montessori, Minneapolis Public Schools (pictures)

Water Heroes Programs


We All Need Food and Water and ComMUSICation partnered in 2020 to implement water education and action expressed through music.


We All Need Food and Water’s mission is to educate about the challenges facing our food and water systems and inspire action. ComMUSICation’s mission is to empower urban youth with skills for success through music, service, and community.


Together, we teach St. Paul youth and families about the importance of water, the challenges our water faces, and ways to protect it. The students performed a rap for the Minnesota House of Representatives to communicate why they felt it was important to limit salt use in the winter. let them will have the chance to showcase what they learned about water and music through musical performances for the community. The students will be synthesizing the information they learned and creating the songs they will perform themselves.


We All Need Food and Water will use their “Defenders of the Future” curriculum as the basis for the water education. Combining science and social studies, the curriculum reveals how, even though humans are negatively impacting the water cycle, regular people (like them) can use their super strengths to turn these challenges around. 


This education program extends beyond typical educational programs because it engages the children on a meaningful level and it fosters higher order thinking skills such as analyzing, evaluating, and creating. The students aren’t merely passive receivers of information, but rather pursuing topics that interest them to create their own messages and music.

The Adventure Awaits

Download the teachings.